Saturday, December 31, 2016

The last stitches of the year and stiching plans for the next....

Happy New Year!!!
I hope that you have had the Christmas of your dreams! Mine has been pretty good! Good food, company, stitching time and a little bit of running.
I thought I would show you my last two makes of the year,before showing you some of my plans for next year. Both designed by Sewoverit I do love their designs and Lisa's weekly Vlog is my guilty pleasure! The first was the Heather dress, when this was released it was love at first sight. My perfect winter dress, cosy warm and practical, the sewn equivalent  of Still Light which I love but have never got around to making. Lisa made hers in a beautiful pink but typically enough when I was wandering around the Harrogate show back in November the only suitable fabric that I saw was the reversible dogtooth grey remnant that I used for my two colour Coco.
Anyway the grey came home with me and very quickly became my new favourite dress. I just love this dress!!!
I think it is pretty perfect for work although maybe a little warm. It has been perfect for visiting people in. I followed the pattern exactly for the size 10 and I would say that it is really good fit in the body ( even after all the food!!!). However if I was doing it again I would make the sleeves a little wider as they are very snug!

My second make was the Ultimate Shift Dress again when I bought this pattern I had in mind work wear and then I was this beautiful fabric from Fabric Godmother and any ideas of work went out the window! 
The fabric is not only gorgeous but also very fine, because of that I cut out the 12 as I didn't want any strain over the hips when I sat down. I probably should have graded from a 10 bust to the 12 hip but I don't think it matters. It called for a hook and eye but I used a button and a loop as for some reason the hook and eye always pulls my hair out and makes me feel claustrophobic. 
 have checked though and I can get it over my head without an opening which is what I will do with any future versions. I finished it Christmas Eve and although we don't usually dress up for Christmas , I wore it and felt very grown up!
So plans for the new year! I am signing up for the #2017makenine the idea is you decide on nine items that you want to make and then at the end of the year I guess you see if you managed it. I am going to try and use mainly patterns that I own but haven't used yet or ones that I really love wearing like the Viola.

Mine will be:-
  1. Heather dress
  2. Cleo Pinafore
  3. Refrew top ( for me)
  4. Arielle
  5. Anna dress
  6. Viola skirt
  7. Susie blouse
  8. Portia I have never had any luck with trousers but I am hopeful with this pair.
  9. Morris ( I don't own this but I really should)

As for knitting plans I have a few ... mainly to use up stash both in yarn and also maybe patterns ( there are several that I have made before that I loved making and would like other versions of but nothing really definite!

Till next time happy stitching
A x

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A little cream with that Coco!

Three days in to my Christmas break and I must admit I am having a great time! My poor old Janome MC9000 died a few months back and I got a new machine  a few weeks back so had promised myself lots of sewing time over my break. I am trying to use up stash as well as make things that are useful to my wardrobe. So looking back over the things that I had made in the past and worn the most Coco by Tilly and the Buttons is a definite favourite!
I bought some gorgeous cotton jersey from Fabric Galore when I was at the knitting and stitching show back in November . I also bought a remnant  of two tone grey for a Heather dress which had quite a good meterage and last but not least a beautiful  red stretchy stuff that I bought on my local market as a remnant for a £1 back in the summer. All were destined to be some sort of Coco!
I made the cotton jersey up first and it took the most time, the pattern states that if you are between sizes make the bigger one and cut down. I did that with my earlier ones and I did it again this time, I still think it is probably a little baggy, but will be perfect for comfortable, cosy weekends around the house.

The next one was the red I took the plunge and cut down the pattern and I just love this version! It is so cheerful and just a little bit festive. It is looks effortlessly dressed up which is always good! DD says that she thinks it is only good for Christmas but I am hoping I will get lots of wear out of it during the winter.

I still had a bit of the red left over and it seemed like a shame to waste it so I decided to make a two tone version . I cut out the Heather dress and using the left overs made the Coco skirt.
 Now I do love a bargain and I was really pleased with how this version turned out, and that would have been more than enough, but then this morning Tilly and the Buttons liked this version too.
I couldn't resist a whoop whoop at that. Even if  I do look a bit star trek in it.

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