Sunday, September 17, 2006

Opal Socks

Various people have told me what fun these are to knit. So on Thursday evening when Mario asked if I wanted to watch a movie and then promtly put on a really old and tedious black and white war movie......... I looked on the AngelYarns web site and treated myself to a kit. It arrived yesterday morning and this is what I have accomplished so far. I think it looks great but I am a little worried about getting the stripes to line up on the next sock. If anyone knows exactly how it will work let me know. I am stopping now in order to do a bit on my Butterfly.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RIP Spikey

Spikey died last night everyone is very sad here we thought she was on the mend. Sleep well Spikey!

Monday, September 11, 2006

How I spent the weekend

Well here is a photo of the little christening suits that I have been busy with all weekend. They will be picked up this afternoon so I hope that they are liked. I have to say I dont think the trousers will be very comfortable as the fabric is a really scratchy bridal. oh well not my problem I supose. The other thing I have been busy with is spikey the hedgehog. I thought that he was dying yesterday as he caught a chill. We sorted that out with a towel , a hot water bottle and a sugar solution for him to drink. Today I realised that his leg still wasnt better even after a week of antibiotics and constant cleaning from me. So back to the vets we went and saw a lovely lady vet called abbi who lanced the abcess that he has had since last week and the other vet couldnt be bothered with. She got rid of his tick which I couldnt seem to shift and sexed him. It seems that spikey is a girl ..............maybe we should have called her something else!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Finished the butterfly frill!

It has to have been the slowest thing I have ever done. The dress is supposed to have a double frill but mine isnt getting one as I really can't bear ever to cast on the frill again. I guess that means that my plans of making the top as well wont ever materialise. Anyway I am really hoping that the rest of the dress takes a lot less time. It would be nice to wear it sometime this year! I shall start it in the next few days after I have done two little boys christening outfits they have to be made by next week and so does my assignment so it will be all go this week.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


What goes around comes around. I have always kind of thought this might be true and now I know for sure. A couple of months ago "Come, butterfly with me" was put my way. A little message on it was that a girl in Argentina wanted to do it but couldnt get the book. Ten minutes to do a photocopy on my part brought someone really lovely into my life. So thanks to Khama I now have Carla and some wonderful gifts just for a photo- copy. Anyway thanks Carla I really love my gifts.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

catalogue man

Well I finshed my beloved's sweater on Friday during the day for a surprise for when he got in from work. Only for him to have doubts about the neck line when I showed him so, I unpicked it at made it longer so that it was a proper polo neck. It is a mixture of patterns from Kim hargreaves a Seasons Tale, I hadnt really realised before that the designs are all on a standard block but that is clever and a useful thing to know for changing things about for the fussy members of this family! Anyway here it is in catalogue pose funny heh?

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