Monday, January 29, 2007

Simply Knitting Sock competion

I saw this about four months ago and decided to enter. I bought all of the yarn and decided what I was making then put it all in the cupboard. I just realised i have a month to make them. All projects are now on hold until they are finished. I will up date photos at the end!

Block of the month

Well I have been so inspired by the butterflies, I am already planning my next project. I love the Noel sampler by Brandywine designs but really like it too much to leave it in the cupboard for 10 months of the year. Anyway I found this Pattern Amy's Sampler also by Brandywine designs on Ebay. It arrived this morning and I am now planning the fabrics needed to combine the two quilts. I cant wait to start it!

love is like a butterfly!

Well I finished the quilt top and I have to say I love it. The bluegreen world's butterfly quilt was my inspiration - it is subtle and delicate. Mine is loud and in your face. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any fabrics but, just use what I had. There are aproximately 60 different fabrics used and I kept my promise. My stash has hardly been touched. shame as Doughty's coming to town and I know I will be tempted.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Here are the first 10 butterflies curtesy of a blue green world. I start 11 tonight I am trying to get it all together by friday and will then get on with something else. It is my first hand applique I really like to do it, I shall have to find another hand project after this one.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Well I have been quite industrious since the begining of January. I have finished the back and nearly completed the fronts on my Debbie Bliss AlpacaSilk Cardigan. The butterfly quilt that I had managed 1/12 butterflies on now has a grand total of 9/12 and I am hoping to finish them all this week. I have started my Beth Russell Hare tapestry and am quite pleased with the results as it is the first time I have worked from a chart. But unfortunatley the camera seems to be on its last legs and I cant show you any of them!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Wall hanging!

I love father christmas and I bought the pattern for this a couple of years ago from . Mine has changed from the original somewhat. I really enjoyed making it as it is the first quilting type stuff that I have made in ages. I however, ran out of time before christmas so have put it away in order for completion next year.

Meet Waffle!

This is Waffle she "got borned" in about march last year. I bought her as a kit from a lovely shop in brugge. The children named her because of her fat belly, she admits (as most Belgians do) to liking waffles. I have wanted to make her something to wear for quite a while and not got around to it. Anyway here she is in her hat and scarf I haven't yet got around to making her a dress though I have some lovely fabric left over from the twins that I will make matching boy and girl outfits for her and her brother Belgo. Mario raises eyebrows at making bears, naming bears and dressing bears! May well have a heart attack when he realises they have personalities! Anyway - here she is feeling very camera shy!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well I hope it has been a good December for you all. I have been really busy with a little knitting, sewing and lots of socialising! Anyway I shall write you more information in the next day or so!

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