Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mellow Yellow Holidays

Hello everyone,
Do you like the daffodils? Looking at the photo I really must dust the fireplace! They are just at their peek now and the smell is wonderful. I do love daffodils they are my favourite flower. When you see them you know that winter is nearly over. This huge bunch was a Valentine's present which makes them all the more special.

It is again a precious family half term week. Lazy days of knitting, sewing, baking and of course lots and lot and lots of washing! Where does it all come from? My poor little machine has been working overtime this week and I am still not at the end.
Half way through the week and I have two finished knitty items which I think is pretty good going though to be honest I finished Simple City on Friday. The yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball I bought it before christmas when my self imposed no yarn shopping came into play. I think that the raspbery pink on it is just delicious it looks like sorbet.

I actually made this larger than the pattern stated but I was shocked at how tiny it was. The fabric was also very dense not really what you look for in a shawl. Anyway I gave it a viscious blocking and it is now a delicate little wrap though still very small. If I was making it again I would use a far larger needle size probably at least a 4mm. Sadly, the last few days have been soo dreary, dark and filled with sleet snow and fog that photo taking has been near on impossible! Hence the reason for a lack of Sunday post.
BlueAdt came to vist on Saturday so that we could go and see Doughty's fabric so once we had spent our pennies on gorgeous fabrics ( more about that later this week) and wandered home in the snow it seemed only right to have a good knitting session. Her socks grew a lot from her last blog post and Abi spun a good few inches round the needles.

I finished Abi earlier today, my second intswemodo of 2011 and although the pockets seemed to take forever I am pretty pleased with the result.
I really liked this sweater as soon as it came up on Ravelry and I knew this cone of wool from Coldspring Mill would be perfect for it.

I think it looks like the perfect mummy sweater warm, cosy and practical. I have enough wool on the cone to make another one but I am hoping to do a swap. Swapping is so much better than buying don't you think? I have to fess up that I have sewn the pockets shut as I think it would have been far too tempting to stuff them full of tissues, keys and all the other gubbins that I usually reserve for my jeans.

Have a good week what ever you are doing
Arianwen xxx

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