Friday, June 29, 2007

My exchange gift is finished.

I finished it all yesterday so quite pleased with myself as I am ahead of the deadline. The bag that I eventually made didn't need felting as it is a perfect size to go over your arm so I left it as it was. It seems to have been popular around this house both daughters have made a play for it and Elenya has put an order in for one of her own. I just hope I can remember how to do it. It may require another trip to coldspring mill as I am out of the relevant yarn. There is a postal strike here today so, unfortunately it wont be leaving here until monday. Hopefully it will arrive with it's new owner by the end of next week.
My needles haven't rested I have cast on the back for Dandelion from Rowan 41 on wednesday evening and am half way up the back. It is in a colour called Diana which I have had in my stash for about 7 years. I bought it to make something for the eldest daughter when she was little and then decided I didn't really love the colour. However it is a perfect match for a summer skirt that I am making so I shall try and finish them in time for the glorious summer weather that we are definately due.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The felted bag.


This was my project for the weekend. I enjoyed making it as it was pretty mindless (which is what I really need at the moment) and had the distinct advantage that it used a tonn of yarn. I am really trying to down size as I almost can't get into the box room for the inordinate amount of yarn and fabric that I own. It has to be said that the fabric is the biggest culprit but the yarn is bulkier.It was very quick to make. The body of it and the handle are knit then the flap is crocheted.

I would have completed it on Sunday except I couldn't find my 8mm crochet hook. Once I had felted it I put it in a dye bath to even out the colour in my impatience to see what it looked like I plunged my hands into the dye bath without gloves. The result being I have grape tinged hands and nails - very attractive! I think it has turned out very pretty but too big to post as a little extra! What about felting it again I hear you cry. Well it is also very heavy as I doubled the yarn up to get the speckled effect and I fear that if it is shrunk again it will make it to stiff. So as I have still more of this yarn I am going to try again. The last one was a pattern so although I am not going to follow that again I shall use the principles just making it just a little smaller.

Dyed and Dried!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Brand new computer, brand new camera and exchange socks

The new computer arrived yesterday and I am back on line.Yippee, I have checked out all my favourite blogs. I have taken pictures with the camera. These are the socks I am making for the Rowan exchange. They are a wonderful colour they remind me of ripe summer fruit - plums mainly. The feet seem quite big - I really hope they fit, they were supposed to be knitted on a 3mm and a 2.5 and I have knitted the whole lot on a 3. If not I guess I will have to have them back to do over. I have seen a gorgeous felted bag I want to make as well. I am going to knit this one from stash trouble is I dont have a suitable colour so I am going to knit it in blue and pink stripes and then dye it red. I am hoping for wonderful purples............ hmm might be lucky!

Monday, June 04, 2007

We have been burgled!

Just to let you all know I wont be here for a little while. We went away for the weekend and came home to find that some b***** has been shopping in our house! They have stolen computers, and camera as well as numerous other things. It is all very upsetting and stressful. They made my children cry and make me feel unsafe in my own home. Tomorrow the loss adjusters come - I am not sure exactly sure what this will entail but hopefully it will soon be a chapter closed.

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