Sunday, February 24, 2008

Behold the Tilted Duster.

Some of the comments I have had via email from friends who don't knit have been hilarious. Was it a new type of cleaning product? How did it work? It just shows that knitters and non knitters speak a completely different language. Mind you the skirt is knit to the fronts and the back then you add the sleeves.
I had just finished the skirt and I had a panic that I had actually sewn the fronts the wrong way round. If that had been the case it would definitely have ended up as cleaning cloths. It has taken me ages to complete - mainly because there is a photo in the Interweaveknits magazine that makes the model look really stoop shouldered. I figured if it did this to a young model it really wouldn't be that kind on anyone older. The yarn also felt a little bit stringy when I was knitting with it. The finished article is really soft not at all itchy. I am wearing it with a vest top without the urge to scratch. It is also really elegant and seems to look as nice with jeans as it does with a skirt. The only thing I would do differently is the placement of the button holes. If i was doing it again I would put the first button hole lower to stop it gaping.
This is my Friday skirt so called because I whipped it up on Friday. I was rummaging about in Mamie's button collection and decided to use the white shiney ones as decoration. I didn't have quite enough for what I originally wanted to achieve but I am quite pleased with the result. It was very theraputic arranging the buttons. The fabric was left overs from some outfits I made for the kids a couple of years ago.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Beret

I could get used to the immediate gratification that the loose knit group is giving me. This one is for Shannon, Elenya's very good friend. I promised her one to match the scarf she bought herself when she bought Elenya's. She saw me knitting it yesterday was surprised that I had actually started it. I will give it to her next time she comes to the house. Which will probably be sometime next week. I have cast on another but this one is definately being put away for christmas. That will be the last hat for the month. There is a good chance that march is going to be either socks or scarves. I doubt I will get more than one done of either of those.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


As some of you know I live in the house that my Dad grew up in and I visited continually during my childhood. Every piece of furniture and smell within the four walls reminds me of my Grandmother, Mamie and of my dad. Both have been gone a long time now. The kitchen is basic, no worktop, no fitted cupboards and no dishwasher. Usually when the kids are baking I move them into the dining room so that they can circle the table. But occasionally I bake. I bake in the kitchen and every childhood memory floods back as I remember stirring frantically batter and cake mixtures perched precariously on top of Mamie's spinner rinse. As I pour my muffin batter into the cases I can almost hear Mamie commenting in the backround as she watches what I am making. I bought the book Muffins Galore on a whim on monday. It has been worth its £5 already as it has brought back such happy memories. Not to mention delicious blueberry muffins!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Valentine.

Another half term bites the dust and the kids have gone back to school. During half term the weather was fluctuating between cold and unseasonably warm. I decided to pack away all of the wool and get busy with summer projects as soon as the Tilted Duster was finished. The duster will be complete by the end of today and it is freezing cold fog outside and as I write it has started to snow. Not really condusive to thinking about summer knitting. So I think I will spend the rest of February finishing stuff ( I have one or two Kals on the go!)

This is Valentine, I bought him as a kit last year when we went to Belgium. I have bought one for the last couple of years when we have been over. Each one has sat about until it is nearly time for us to go again, I won't let myself have a bear stash! I finished sewing him on the 14th but didn't complete him until the 15th. He is the smallest bear I have made and because of that had to be hand sewn. The kids love him and I have to say I think he is pretty cute. There really is something very gratifying about making bears.
The latest hat is Elenya's. I have a feeling I forgot to increase after the rib but, I didn't notice until I cast off anyway she seems to like it.Which is the main thing. It is made from a stray ball of Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk that I had left over and it matches the very nice scarf her friend bought her from primark.
I have a couple more hats I would like to make for the February loose knit challenge.Another Beret, this time for Shannon the friend who bought the scarf and also at least one for my pot luck pressies

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The selfish knitter.

I have had quite a busy knitting week. The tilted duster has come out of hibernation and is now chugging along quite nicely. There is nothing like a cold snap concentrate the mind. I have nearly finished clue 2 of the Spring Shawl Surprice. The reason I am on a go slow is that I have had a change of heart.
1.I really like it.
2.I really would like to own it.
3.We are finally many years after the event. Having a honeymoon and I think this is just the thing to take with me.
4.It is too difficult to ever contemplate knitting again!
Because of this I have started the Secret of the Stole ii to give to Mario's aunt.Which although equally pretty is ten times easier so if I decide I want one.I won't balk at the idea of casting it on. I have added beads but I am still un decided whether they will stay. It may well be gilding the lily!

The loose knit group are making hats for February, I have made mine already. Trouble is I like that too much as well and have decided to keep it for myself.
I have cast on another as a present already but Elenya has got first dibs on that. At this rate of going I am going to have knit a whole lot of hats before anything reaches the pot luck pressie box!
Winter came and went in the space of a day. We were so busy that we missed it but, Azrael and Gobbolino had great fun running about and jumping on each other. This is them trying to look dignified!

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