Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have finally got all of the original applique onto Oriana's quilt the photos are a bit fuzzy but it is looking quite good and I am looking forward to deciding what happens next with it. I think it is going to be quite organic as a ton of pins doesn't really appeal to me.
Last Monday, Elenya broke her finger at school, the school didn't inform us and when it turned green later in the evening I took her to casualty. I phoned to complain the next morning. Two days later they phoned to say that some horrible boy had decided to squeeze it.She walloped him around the face and although I don't condone violence I think this would probably have more effect than the exclusion handed out by the school.So I then took her out of school for the rest of the week for her own safety.This week being half term so another week to rest it before anyone else grabs hold of it.
I realised last Thursday that gorgeous Kid Silk Aura is not the same as KidSilk Haze, it really is obvious if you look at it but I had picked the perfect colour for my Rowan Exchange gift and hadn't checked tension or yardage but just started knitting. I had been knitting for about a week. Stupid I know, I have never done it before and I will never do it again!! As after I ummed and ahhed about whether to buy more Aura or change to kidsilk haze I then had to frog it. A truly horrible experience. I am now way behind on my gift and having a bit of a panic.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The shoemakers children

The story goes that the shoemaker is so tied up with making shoes for other people that her children run barefoot. It is the same story for the children of the quiltmaker. Every year my children look on as I make and gift quilts to the children of friends and Mario's cousins. Last year my friends J and the little blue tortoise forced me to promise that 2007 would be the year that the twins could get quilts (Elenya made her own a couple of years ago)I promised but nothing happened I just couldn't find the time or the inspiration for the perfect quilt. All this has changed when we were in Belgium I picked up a copy of QuiltMania which had this quilt.
Oriana really liked it so this with a few alterations it going to be hers. I had great fun getting hold of the fabric as Moda were less than forthcoming about a supllier who actually stocked that particular range. Yet again I am grateful for the internet!The original is pretty small, certainly not big enough for her bed so I have added another border which I have I plan to applique a little a week posting it here should keep me on the straight and narrow!

I finally finished my felted bag.It languished for quite a while as I didnt really fancy making the i-cord but,once I actually put my mind to it,the whole fuschia thing really didn't take that long at all.

Just as well really as I have yarn for another noni bag that has been stashed for the last couple of years. As the yarn fairies came and wound it all for me a couple of weeks ago for which I a huge thank you! I might actually get organised with that sometime soon.

You always should have a quick and easy project on the go and mine of the moment is Swift by Marie Wallin. I am knitting it mainly because I had small amount of Diana Handknit cotton in my stash that I wanted to get rid of and this should do the trick. The pink is a coldspring find I am actually loving how it is turning out, it reminds me of the cover from Sons and Lovers

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finishing stuff off before starting the Rowan Exchange

Ok this week has been hard! I have my Rowan victim, I have my yarn and I know what I am making but I am forcing myself to finish some stuff before I cast on the gorgeous yumminess that is this years exchange.
The crochet bag (simply Knitting 2006) is done and I have to say I am pretty pleased with it I was finished by thursday which was great. The cotton was chosen to go with the lining which I think it does.

The original called for a picot edge all around the opening but, as I had done it in two colours I felt that was probably guilding the lily. I have given this one to my mum just the thing to take to the beach when we go to sunny Wales in August. I liked the pattern so much for this I might even get around to making me one.
My Ripple Scarf is done, it would I hasten to say have been done sooner but I ran out of kid silk for the edging and as I didn't know the name of the colour it took a little detective work before I could buy more.

Do you remember the purple crochet bag? well it was much loved and I got a wonderful thank you card from Ashleigh (some people are a pleasure to please)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Rowan Parent and Child weekend

I have just spent a wonderful weekend in Holmfirth with five great kids! Three of my own; my neice Esha and our friend Shannon. The projects given (an elephant or a bag/cushion) were a little ambitious for new or young knitters and many of the mums involved finished elephants over night. Esha is a die hard knitter and didn't move from her seat more than about twice a day over the whole weekend because of this her Amelia is complete.
This was Inigo's first real knitting and he needed a lot of help but he is pleased with how Maxy turned out. Oriana,
Elenya and Shannon are all making cushions the fronts are all sewn together (by the girls) and the delicious ice cream cottons are just what is needed for summer.
Needless to say with all this industry I didn't get much done myself. But I did invest in a couple of books. Young Rowan and Little Knits I am drawn to the crochet.
Speaking of Crochet........Well I think I am developing an obsession. My Ravelry queue has doubled in size. The loose knit group were making bags for April, my knitted one is languishing but my crochet one a pattern from Lets Knit is finished.
It is going to a little girl that I childmind,Ashleigh, as she fell in love with it as soon as she saw the magazine. She doesn't know that it is for her but has been very keen on it's progression as it is in her favourite colour purple. I have started another at the weekend this one is from an old simply knitting magazine

April brought birthdays

The weeks seem to be whizzing buy so a quick update on the end of April before I get into the wonders of May.
Elenya and My mum both celebrated birthdays and I got something knit for both. The interweaves Sienna cardigan for my mum was a delight to knit. She says it is lovely and warm just as well as the weather doesn't seem like it is picking up.
Elenya's poncho was from Lets Knit Magazine and although it really is pretty it was a nightmare to knit. It is in Eskimo Drops that I bought when we were in Belgium which would have been lovely in any colour than black!! The pattern was rubbish it said cast off 8 stitches when it meant cast on 8. I had to botch it as I didn't realise until it was finished and was trying to attach the endging. Eskimo doesn't like being pulled about so I couldn't pull it out luckily Elenya is a small size and she likes it. Though Ithink she looks like something out of a Scottish Widows advert

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