Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello my lovelies,
were you looking for me yesterday? Sorry! Yesterday morning when the sun was out I took photo's of all that was going on in the house. Ready for my Sunday evening ramblings.
The daffodils blooming. I do love my daffodils. I bought these really cheap at the supermarket. Apparently the lovely weather we had last week was great for everyone except for the daffodil farmers who are losing money hand over fist as all of them are blooming at once.So go buy some:)

The yummy chocolate chip muffins made by Elenya

and Crocus for which I had finished a sleeve during the week. I actually nearly put it away because the weather was just too nice for knitting woolies.But decided to carry on for fear of another wip!

But by the evening, when I was ready to write a few lines the daffs still bloomed but everything else had changed the muffins had disappeared leaving only a crumbs as evidence.

Crocus had changed too- a couple of hours to myself and both sleeves were complete and attached to the body( well they are of the cropped variety!).
I am so excited I actually think that I might manage to finish it this week which I can't wait for it is such a perfect colour for spring!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Off the hook

funny how fast Sunday evening comes around, it doesn't seem like five minutes since Friday evening! I would love to say that I accomplished all that I set out to do this week but the truth is I really didn't. We have had a house guest which has been fun, and completely different from the usual week. But the result is that my blouse is still without sleeves. The DPNs that I ordered to finish off the sleeves for my Crocus Cardigan haven't arrived yet so it has joined the UFO's in the corner of the front room.
It has also been a stressful week because of one thing and another so I was looking to do something mindless, stash busting and of course quick!. A month or so ago I joined a cowl exchange and fell in love with the pattern for Martha. If you look on Ravelry you will seen a pale pink cashmerino version that really swayed it for me. But, it was unavailable and I didn't feel I had enough time to work out the pattern before posting, so I settled on something else a noble cowl. It took a couple of balls of rowan calmer. Though with hindsight I think I might of done it on a bigger needle so that that effect was a little floppier!
I was pleased with how it turned out though I still really wanted to make a Martha. I had just about decided to make it up completely when at the beginning of the week I came across a Lion Brand Scarf pattern which is basically the same thing only available and free!

I love the colour of this it is a couple of unlabeled balls of rowan calmer that I had in my stash forever!.
My version has ended up with a couple of twists in it because I really wasn't concentrating when I joined my chain. I am going to tell you that this was on purpose as I actually think that it has added to the charm of the cowl. Though I really do think that the little flower makes it. Super simple too. I can see them being really good as little brooches or hair slides for my girls when I actually start stash busting the Rowan cotton:)

Arianwen xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gambling with needle and thread.

Hello my lovelies,
how are you?
This week I have been dusting off my sewing skills.
Way back in November I visited the Harrogate show and fell in love with a cute little short sleeve blouse that was highlighting a fabric at one of the stalls. It was trimmed with pink around the button bands and the bottom of the blouse. It was the flowers that I really wanted. I absolutely love the fabric it is so pretty and femmine and it goes with everything including my table cloth. The chap behind the counter didn't have anything that would do for the pink. But I figured I could get something that would do. He didn't know which pattern had been used but assured me that the metre of the flower fabric that he had left would be enough to make me a replica. Hmmmm.

I found a pattern last week not exactly the same but similar. And picked up some pink to trim it with. Then I read the instructions carefully. It should take 130cm for the smallest size, so much for a metre! I think I could probably do with the next size up but, with some very strategic pattern maneuvering, I managed to cut out the smallest ( Elenya maybe getting a blouse). All of the lovely pink trim around the bottom and button band that was used on the original is out as I definitely didn't have enough for the extra seam allowances. It is far too cold here to wear anything like this at the moment which is actually quite nice as it means that I don't feel pressurised to finish and I can take my time with it. Though I still would love for it to have sleeves by next week.

Arianwen xxx

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It is all in the timing.

yes I know a mid week post is a bit of a shocker but, I had to share. Way back in the middle of winter Interweaves popped through my letter box. The only garment that caught my eye was the Crocus Cardigan by Laura Grutzeck but, crocus' in November? I don't think so!
Now though, things are different, spring is sprung! The Crocus,

Snowdrops and Dandelions are peaking.

The cone of yellow left from Abi was swapped for some soft lilac Debbie Bliss Cashmerino so it would be rude not to cast on.

I am really excited about this one. the pattern is really easy to memorise and I just love the little flowers creeping up the sides and back. I have decided to make it longer and add waist shaping.

Well I am back to my knitting. Enjoy the rest of your week
Arianwen xx

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Lucky Audrey

Well it is finished!! I went into town on Wednesday evening and came home with 11 grey buttons that I thought might work....Nope they were too big and bulky (probaly perfect for my next cardigan). So on Saturday I went back into town and popped into the other button shop. I was just about to give up when I spotted the same buttons as I had picked up in John Lewis'! I couldn't believe my luck to find the same buttons which I think are a perfect match.

I am reasonably pleased with Audrey. But not over the moon. I can't decide why I think it might be the yarn partly. Though I am really not in love with the rib either! Even though the rib has been blocked it is still trying to bunch up when it hits the stocking stitch which really isn't as flattering as I would like. I also think I could do with it being a little longer in the body. Having said all that the construction on this cardigan is very clever the wrap and turn on the sleeve makes for a perfect sleeve head and I actually think I may try making it again sometime soon using a different yarn probably Rowan wool cotton from stash and maybe a different stitch on both the rib and the yoke.

Anyway I need your help. Last year I got the yarn for Noyeaux for Christmas. It took a long time to come from Canada and took a lot of knitting the upshot was that it didn't get finished before winter so I stashed it away. One of the reasons it didn't get finished was this.

Can you see?

So what should I do? make the front and cobble the sides together? Or should I pull it out make it in the round and probably forget about side shaping? What do you think? Drop me a comment. I just can't decide and I really do want to own this dress soon!

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