Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helon Back On The Hook

I realise after titling this piece that you didn't know that it had been on the hook in the first place. There is a reason for this. Just after I finished my own Helon. Elenya requested one, she was very excited about it and paraded up and down in my version even though it was several sizes to big for her. I dutifully started it even though there wasn't much fun it something that I had completed less the a month before. The shaping seemed less than smooth and each stitch seemed to be a struggle. I finished the back in record time but when I held it up to her it looked massive, and the shape looks a little wierd -top heavy. I just stashed it while I thought about ripping the whole thing out.
6months later it looks like it might fit, though I am still unsure about the shaping! I had already completed the bottom lace for the front so it really isn't taking long to do the front and I am enjoying it.
Though I have promised myself no more deadlines, we have a wedding reception to go to in a couple of weeks and it would be nice if she could wear it for that.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This started ten months ago, a quick use it up project. I was sick of looking at the blue in my stash. I had a cone of pink in my stash. They seemed to work reasonably well together and although the photo in the book Little Knits was fairly appalling it looked quite cute.
I figured I would make the largest size available and see which daughter it fit when it was finished. I started with the back and it really was swift a day at most. Then I decided I would knit two sleeves and then two fronts. A great plan! I just couldn't be bothered to wind the cone into two balls so the project was shelved. I got it back out a week or so ago and wound the cone into two really not that difficult if you don't get sidetracked onto other things. In fact the only fiddle was attaching the ribbons.
It might have fit Elenya but with the sleeves turned back it is perfect for Oriana and she loves it! It was being worn as I put the ribbons on. It was forcibly removed when she was eating hotdogs and ketchup last night as I pleaded that it stayed clean till I had least taken some photos.Since the photos were taken it has been draped around her waist as we went up the road. It has been held out behind her like a cape and as a dollies blanket. I wish that I had finished it earlier, especially when I see the pleasure that Oriana is getting from it. As for the blue and the pink well I still haven't used it all so I will have to bury it at the very bottom of my stash!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Amy Butler Lotus Tunic

Technically it isn't really finishing if you have only washed the fabric and cut out the pattern but, as I had cut the pattern out twice as I had ummed and ahhed over the size I felt it deserved finishing.
This is the first Amy Butler Pattern that I have used (though not the only one I own).After the initial struggle about sizes-the reason for this being that I don't go in and out the way her patterns do. I have to say what a good pattern! Very easy instructions. The only things I would do differently would be put a double notch at the back of the sleeve head so it is easier to remember which way the sleeves go in (I am still not sure that I got it right). I wouldn't put interfacing in the belt,it has made it as stiff as a board and very un yielding you certainly wouldn't want that tied around your middle. Hopefully it will become softer with washing.

The things I did differently, well I didn't line it, for starters I have no idea where you can buy the muslin that she asks for and I also thought it would probably make it too warm in the summer.
I also didn't add the hook and eye at the neck. It always stresses me virtually to the point of hyperventilation when I can't get my necklace undone. I figured that doing a zip up down the middle of my back would be bad enough without struggling with hook fastenings.

I would like to make another of these at some point. There are two more lengths to play with as well as a sleeveless. Also there are so many lovely Amy Butler fabrics (many of them are already in my stash)So maybe more than one! Of course that will be when I have done a little more finishings.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Remembering to smell the flowers.

I was sort of dreading 500g of moss stitch scarf. I mean you can't exactly go fast and rush onto the next project. The rhythmic knit and purl take time...lots of time.Relaxing, enjoyable, time. I was about half way through when I kind of had an epiphany.
I spent ten wonderful years being a SAHM. Now I am working, mainly at home so I still give the illusion to myself and many around me that I am still SAHM but definitely working. Yet I still try and fit in as much sewing and knitting as I did when my children were really tiny- you can get a lot done at nap time. I read blogs by SAHM and feel that my crafting exploits are inadequate(my housework definitely is).
Knitting Jondy's scarf gave me clarity.
Re reading the blogs that I love I realise that it is not that these great ladies achieve more than me but that their blogs exude calm, careful words and pictures. They are not continually rushing onto the next project. It isn't work. It shouldn't have deadlines.
At this moment I have just under ten knitting and crochet projects and several quilting projects on the go. I have decided to finish all of them before I start anything else and I am going to take as much time as I need to enjoy them. To enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed knitting a simple scarf.

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