Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Pink Post.

First things first. I won!! KnitYoga had a competion on her blog and I won this really cute little pin. I thought the little figures were metal when I first looked but they are really stiffened felt embellished with beads and sequins. Very sweet I can't wait to wear it.
Carolyns shawl was finished last night as you can see it has at least one admirer ( just as well she likes cats!) The picture with Tigger is a truer version of the colour.

Ok, it is official I think I have a lace addiction. MS3 is drawing to a close and I really have enjoyed doing it. Knitlesstolife told me about this Secret of the Stole if you are interested it starts October 5th
so I have signed up for that and I have also joined The victorian lace today group
which brings me neatly to my next bit of news. My mum gave me money for my birthday as this is all the lovely loot that I got.

I love the Britanny needles and am trying to collect a whole set though they seem quite fragile next to metal ones infact, Oriana stepped on my knitting bag just after I finished my stole and the 3.5 now have a crack in them. The heere be dragone shawl was mentioned whilst I was doing the MS3 and as we all like dragons in this house I decided I just had to have the pattern. I am now looking around for a bright red suitable for a dragon. The Victorian lace today has such beautiful patterns I am just drooling over them all. Elenya asked me how many shawls I need. The answer of course is none but who can resist?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Duckling becomes a Swan.

Well I have caught up and passed the finish line. I finished knitting the MS3 monday night and up until the last stitch I really didn't like it. I had decided to do the wing as I wanted to follow the mystery to the end, also I knew if I had to knit the same again I would be shoving it in a drawer. I knew I had learnt alot. When I started it I could manage ten rows in a room by myself,in perfect silence. Then it got easy enough that I could do it in company. I had enjoyed the experience it is wonderful to check in with several thousand people every day and all be doing the same thing.
I have done lace patterns before but, I haven't done lace. So last night was my first blocking adventure it was a bit of a nightmare as I couldn't find my pins and I was blocking onto a towel. It still isn't perfect, I might have to get the iron out later. I have to say it was worth it because by the time the stole was stretched out flat on my floor I was in love. The pattern is unusual and probably not what I would have chosed but, it is so delicate I can't wait for an occasion to wear it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Wonderful Week in Wales

We, being the five of us and my mum, have just had the most wonderful week. It is the fourth time we have been and each time we have stayed in the same cottage. Unfortunately (for us)the cottage is going to be lived in permanantly so we will be staying somewhere else next year. we have all come home totally rested. We spent several days on Aberdovey beach in both good and bad weather the kids have become crabbing fiends- they just love it. we also visted the Animalarium there were loads of pets that had been abandoned on the 29th July i.e the start of the school holidays. I could have come home with lots of lovely rabbits, guinea pigs, raccons and especially this little guy.

He was kept in a garage for the first year of his life so can't speak but was totally up for being cuddled and fussed. I am not usually a bird person but he really was cute.
We also had a wonderful day in Portmerion. we walked miles, the little village is lovely but the woodlands surrounding it are just gorgeous they have rhodiendron bushes as large as trees amazing.

Mystery Shawl becomes Swan Lake
The other good thing about a week away was the amount of knitting I got done. I finished clues 4,5 and 6. It was revealed at the beginning of clue 5 that the theme was Swan lake.of course mine is grey so more ugly duckling!

Pretty Pink PI Shawl
I also started this pi shawl I made two last year one for me and one for the Rowan knitting exchange. This one is for my oldest virtual friend Carolyn. She knows that she is getting it as she chose the wool and then sent it from canada to me to knit up. I am knitting it on 8mm rather than the 6.5mm that it suggested on the pattern and the effect is more dramatic. The photo doesn't do the colour justice it is a proper barbie pink very lovely

Sorry to you all for having to scroll down so far, I am sure blogger used to wrap text around the pics but it doesn't seem to anymore.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sleeping bunny

This is jewel, we are on rabbit sitting duty for some friends. I left the children in charge of her earlier whilst I cleaned out her cage and came back to find Oriana rocking her like a baby. She didn't seem to mind.
Finally a photo of Saffron and it's skirt. People seem to be falling into two camps love it - hate it. Mario hates it, says the front panel is pointless. I was a bit unsure when it was finished that it would either be too hot or too cold but actually it is quite comfy I think I will probably wear it mainly with jeans rather than a skirt but you never know!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Yesterday was my birthday. Quite a sedate affair for me as I was minding all day. I had a yummy afternoon tea shared with good friends we ate huge quantities of Argentian apple cake, strawberries, cream, and scones. The children made me a birthday cake which we finished off this afternoon Elenya read the whole recipe herself so I literally did nothing towards it except put it in the oven.
I love handmade gifts and I got two, this beautiful wall hanging from little blue tortoise. She is making a lovely block of the month quilt for herself and when I saw the poppies pattern for August several months ago I put a big hint in - I didn't really think she would make it. Anyway the poor thing is going to get feelings of deja vu as she makes the same again for her quilt.

J made me the pumpkin lady who is just so cute she stands about 6 inches tall and is all felted. I would have loved to try this process but it involves sponge which I am totally phobic about so that is never going to happen. It makes ms pumpkin all the more special!

I also realised I have been blogging for a year, eek that went fast. For anyone thinking of starting their own blog I would definately recommend it you don't realise how much you have accomplished until you write it down!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh I am gonna be joyful now!

It has been a bit of a strange week. Because many of the children I mind have parents working shifts I ask that they let me know from what time in the morning they are going to need me by sunday evening at the latest. Monday morning arrived and my mum took my two littlest off to Scarborough for the day. I hadn't heard from either family on Sunday and by 9.45 there wasn't any sign of anyone. So I decided to get a train to Scarborough and meet my children on the beach. I am glad I did it is the stuff that memories are made off. When they were told that they could have a ride on the donkeys, Inigo said "Oh I am gonna be joyful now!"

Tuesday morning one family turned up and the other family hadn't so I phoned them they didn't answer so we went to the park and had a wonderful day playing in the sun. When we got home the mum had left a message saying that they wanted me to work Thursday and Friday. I am only contracted Monday to Thursday for them and although I have minded for them on a friday before it has been as a favour. But, as they hadnt let me know what hours they had wanted this week and the fact the dad had thought it hilarious that his child had tripped me up last week I said no I couldn't do Friday. The mum said fair enough could I do wednesday instead and I said yes. Then the dad rang and yelled at me. I should cut him some slack he was striking on Friday ( he is a postman but never works friday) and did I really think I should be paid a week's money for one day's work. I told him he had a contract for four days and if he chose not to use them that really wasn't my fault at which point he slammed the phone down. I was shaking and upset but the mum phoned and apologised and said was I still ok for wednesday, they would be at my house at 6.45.
9.00 wednesday morning the mum phones and asks if we are going out as her child is still in bed. I said we were but I would wait for them. 9.30 came and she rang again and asked could she meet us in the park. I said yes and told her where we would be. Then she rang five minutes later to say she would look after her child herself that day and would I be ok for 6.45 thursday.
7.10 on thursday morning they turned up. We were on our way to the duck pond when the child anounces that he is getting a new childminder. As soon as I got home I wrote my resignation. I gave it to the dad when he picked up, I have given four weeks notice but, I hope that they don't turn up again. I was shaking when I did it but, I think I have definately done the right thing.
This morning the sun is shining, I have finished Saffron, Clue 5 for MS3 is due and Tigger has been playing with water balloons and now with yarn. All is good with the world.

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